Gadot Biochemical is one of the leading global manufacturers of citrate based ingredients and fortifying minerals and phosphates for the food, beverage, nutraceutical and detergents industries. Gadot has more than 50 years of experience delivering high bioavailable products including tailor made solutions that can be implemented in various applications including dairy, soy, juices, energy drinks, infant/elderly formulas, sports nutrition, dietary supplements and baking.  Gadot’s technical team continues to work with our customers to develop formulations, and scale up new products and processes to meet the needs of the complex and changing markets we serve.


Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium Citrate is non-GMO, white crystalline powder which provides a high bio available source of Magnesium for food fortification, sports nutrition and mineral supplements. Gadot's magnesium is based on citrates which are recognized as part of our body system and provide the most suitable organic mineral vehicles to achieve maximum absorption. Magnesium Citrate absorption does not cause stomach upset, it can be taken on an empty stomach and has minimal interference with other mineral and nutrient absorption. Optimal Magnesium consumption relaxes the muscles, reduces stress, sleep disorders, fatigue and as well as neuromuscular abnormalities while maintaining bone mass.

Gadot supply various types of Tri Magnesium Citrate to suit applications such as:

  • Clear beverages & energy drinks(soluble magnesium)

  • Milk and soy milk

  • Turbid beverages

  • Dry mixes

  • Sport nutrition

  • Isotonic beverages

  • Tableting grades for direct compression tablets

  • Infant formulas

Calcium Citrate

Tri Calcium Citrate provides an organic source of calcium with high bioavailability and high calcium content (especially when compared to inorganic sources such as phosphate and carbonate).

Only Calcium Citrate – does not cause formation of kidney stones.

Only Calcium Citrate's absorption is independent of timing (before/after meal).


  • Milk and Dairy

  • Infant formulas

  • Fruit preparation

  • Juice fortification

  • Tablets

  • Dry mixes

Fructose Crystalline

Gadot offers a Crystalline Fructose that is non-GMO, produced from sugar into a pure white free flowing material. Fructose is found in many fruits, vegetables and even honey; it is one of the sweetest naturally occurring sugars. Crystalline Fructose is about one and half times sweeter than table sugar, with a low glycemic index. It offers excellent solubility and humectant properties, fruit flavor enhancement and helps to mask the bitter aftertaste when used in combination with artificial sweeteners.