Daepyung, established in 1993, has been manufacturing and supplying stevia to the global market with cutting edge technology for over 25 years. Controlling approximately 80% of the stevia market share in native Korea, the organization is the largest manufacturer of glucosylated stevia leaf extracts in the world. ISO9001, Kosher, Halal, GMP, non-GMO and HACCP certified, Daepyung’s line of second generation stevia extracts are recognized for exceptional quality in both production and taste. Their proprietary enzyme technology enhances taste profiles through scientific analysis of favorable steviol glycosides, such as Reb-D/M, as well as Reb-A. Daepyung stevia is recognized around the world for innovation, quality and excellent taste.


2nd-Generation Stevia

Thirty years ago, stevia use in functional food markets was limited due to lingering and bitter after-taste. Daepyung started producing glucosylated stevia, or second generation stevia, more than ten years prior to the competition. Utilizing proprietary techniques and science, this new stevia extract is a dramatic taste improvement over previous generations, closely aligned with sucrose in flavor profiling. From the long term stability of the material to the outstanding solubility in water and alcohol formulations, glucosylated stevia offers a safe and cost effective path to naturally reducing calories by replacing traditional sugar.