We Create Raving Fans:

“When deciding who to engage in business, I always favor a company that can see beyond the immediate transaction and look to develop a lasting partnership.  Barrington Nutritionals presents this opportunity from their first engagement.  Professional representatives, unique cutting edge ingredients, clinical science, service beyond the sale, and the inclination to establish collaborative partnerships between providers, manufacturers, and customers is what they bring to the table.  Doing business with Barrington Nutritionals facilitates growth and satisfaction for all parties involved.”

-Tony Wasson, Atrium Innovations

“It has been my pleasure to work with our company’s long-time partner Barrington Nutritionals. Their connections, acumen and knowledge of the dietary supplement industry have been key factors in achievement of company goals. In our relationship focused industry, Barrington’s good will and spirits allow them access to key decision makers and make the entire process an enjoyable one for all parties.”

-Ken Seguine, Algatech

“Barrington Nutritionals has quickly established themselves as a partner to our company in the short period of time we have been working together. Their portfolio of ingredients have offered solutions to our rapidly growing product line as well as improve existing formulations. 

The area where they have really excelled for us is on clinically studied ingredients which allow us formulate cutting edge products that we feel will really be experiential for our customers as well as set us apart from our competition. We have also had the privilege to meet with their suppliers on a few occasions which proved to be extremely valuable from not only a formulation perspective but a regulatory one as well. 

I cannot recommend Barrington Nutritionals enough. Their responsiveness, willingness to help and selection of ingredients easily makes them a top tier supplier.”

-Mike C. , Product Development

“Barrington Nutritionals have been the essential ingredient to the success of Sibelius Natural Product’s launch into the US market.  Their knowledge of the industry at both the B2B and B2C level is exceptional.  The energy and focus with which they support their customers was a key factor in choosing them as our US Distribution Partner.”

-Inger Larsen, Sibelius

“Eevia Health really cherish the passion and competence of Barrington Nutritionals always expose as a distributor partner. In our experience the professionals in Barrington work diligently to service and protect customers. Furthermore, they are sincerely dedicated to promote and defend their suppliers in the market. Together with their open, transparent approach these virtues make Barrington a very honest broker with high integrity, who adds important value and trust to the ingredient value chain.”

-Stein Ulve, Eevia Health