Our Story:

Recognized for over 25 years for our commitment to quality, reliability and unparalleled customer service, Barrington’s diverse product portfolio serves the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and functional food industries. All our materials conform to or exceed the latest compendia of quality standards.

Barrington continually works to build relationships between the finest high quality ingredient producers, leading innovators and manufacturers of health and wellness products. We are honored to partner with the best ingredient manufacturers from around the world, bringing their ingredients to clients throughout North America. Our multi-dimensional, collaborative relationships allow us to provide new innovations, exceptional sourcing and problem-solving capabilities to our customers, guided with trust and transparency.

Barrington is leading the way to better health and wellness.


Phone & Hours

NY: (914) 381-3500

UT: (801) 394-3110

M-F 8:00am-5:30pm


Our Mission

Barrington Nutritionals is dedicated to building relationships between our respected ingredient manufacturers and the leading innovative producers of health and wellness products.

Our Purpose

Helping people live healthy, happy lives 

Our Values

Display Integrity

Share information with honesty and transparency. Take accountability and ownership

Live Passionately

Take pride in our products, service and work. Deliver the best experience possible in our interactions with others. Always respond with urgency and energy to opportunities and issues. Find solutions. Have fun!

Value People

Cultivate positive relationships with our customers, business partners and employees. Take the time to connect and listen to others. Support the community. Show respect and compassion for all.


Strive for continuous improvement in all we do. Embody high performance, discipline, consistency and attention to detail. Evolve. Embody health and longevity.